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April Newsletter 2023

Dearest Members, As I thought about the topic for the April newsletter, I had a hard time focusing on just one subject. I decided to go on a nature walk and ask Our Father in Heaven, Abba, for guidance.

As I walked up the hill, and entered into the pine trees, a beautiful yellow butterfly with blue tips on her wings darted in front of me and landed on a bush with her wings open. The sunlight glistened on her as I walked up and took her photo. She then proceeded to follow me and Pepe for approximately 5 minutes, jutting in and out through the spring foliage until she gently landed on the pine straw by the path. I smiled as I saw God’s message for me. You see, 8 months ago, I saw a similar yellow butterfly and wrote about that profound moment. Her injured wing was the same location as my crushed leg, and Adonai/our Lord taught me many lessons through this butterfly. My fear got the best of me, so anxiety and panic had set in. Through this delicate creature He showed His loving-kindness and the words “Be still, and know that I AM."

9 months have passed since my plane crash, and this butterfly came by to show me she is renewed, refreshed, and perfect. Springtime is here with the remembrance of Passover, Yeshua/Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection! The bodily resurrection affirms an immortal life in God’s presence. This perishable person living post-fall (Gen 3) puts on an imperishable life post-return of Christ (1 Cor 15:50 –57). I suppose the world’s current events had me anxious and a bit fearful at that moment when I asked for Adonai’s guidance. He showed me once again that we should not fear, and to lean not unto our own understanding but to put our trust in Him. Our God is an Awesome God!

My walk also reminded me of the power of the plants growing around us. Dandelions and milk thistle are growing everywhere (even in Israel). That is a sign that we need to detox our bodies. Remember that you can make teas from these plants that have powerful healing effects. Long needle pine trees are also powerful when used in teas.

Tune in or subscribe to next week for the Tuesday Tribe Talk as we go over different ways to detox.

With many blessings and Shalom-

Carrie Madej

  • 3/7/2023 Chris Ready Husband

  • 3/14/2023 Eileen M.

  • 3/21/2023 Marjory Wildcraft

  • 3/28/2023 Pastor Josephus and his wife Sonia

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