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Detox Protocol: The Super Immune System (SIS)

Did you know that the frequencies emitted from WiFi, smart appliances, phones, and computers can affect your body and produce symptoms that include insomnia, cardiac issues, headaches, menstrual issues and more? ***

To see your risk of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) in your home click here for a free home test and self assessment tool. My health has improved significantly since I reduced my exposure to EMF and remediate did my living space!

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Are our health freedoms being trampled? Is money driving the decisions in DC?

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Osteopathic & Internal Medicine 

Dr. Carrie Madej has a great love for humanity and the sacredness of life. Her trust and faith are in our Creator and Father in Heaven and Yeshua/Jesus Christ. His only begotten son who sacrificed His life to save us.


Dr. Madej believes that the body, mind, and spirit are equally important in achieving wellness, and that the balanced body has the inherent ability to heal itself. She believes a physician should be a teacher of health to the patient, as well as identify the causes of dis-ease, in order to have an optimal body.


Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, she received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She currently dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements.


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