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This document contains detox information. Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or illness. Please see your healthcare provider.

Exemption Letter Example

Non Consent Paper

How to say NO to the shot

Memorandum of Law Vacc 624

Religious Exemption

Transhumanism PowerPoint

Recommended EMF Products

Medical Power of Attorney Form

The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Guidebook

MMS Recovery Guide (Chlorine Dioxide)

Link between infectious agents and coronary artery disease

Design and Analysis of Shedding 

Studies for Virus or Bacteria-Based  Gene Therapy and Oncolytic Products Guidance for Industry

How to Get  Religious Exemption for College

Karen Kingston's interview

Chlorine Dioxide/MMS Resources 

Covid-19 Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Jobs & Other Critical Information 

Solari Report Forms for COVID-19 Injections Available as Downloadable PDFs

Guidance for Industry: Gene Therapy Clinical Trials-Observing Subjects for Delayed Adverse Events; Availability

A Notice by the Food and Drug Administration on 11/28/2006


WelcomeTheEagle's VAERS Dashboard

A powerful tool for analyst types and researchers of truth!

Making it easy for ANYONE to view VAERS data

Created by Alberto Benavidez (Guest appearance on Tues Q&A 2/1/22)

Alberto Benavidez has a substantial video collection of Bitchute of Weekly VAERS audit videos and has done analysis for Steve Kirsch, was mentioned several times in his Substack, and Mercola just gave the Tableau Interactive VAERS Dashboard a shout out in a recent article here. Click here for a tutorial with instructions for use.