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Etiologies of Dis-Ease In the Body and How We Can Heal Ourselves

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Presented by Carrie Madej

Join Carrie Madej for a riveting three-part course on self-healing. The journey begins with exploring the roots of dis-ease, its impact on our health, and how it cultivates both acute and chronic conditions. You'll then delve into the extraordinary self-healing abilities of the human body, understanding its constant strive for balance and health. Lastly, Carrie will guide you through holistic solutions to dis-ease, focusing on the importance of detoxification and practical ways to support your body's natural defense mechanisms against external toxins. Gain knowledge and awareness, setting you firmly on the path of self-healing.

Why do we get sick?

Our bodies are miraculous!

Detox! Detox! Detox!


This 3 Part Course Will Cover

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