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Patriot Switch - Taking back our country one purchase at a time

Did you know that the frequencies emitted from WiFi, smart appliances, phones, and computers can affect your body and produce symptoms that include insomnia, cardiac issues, headaches, menstrual issues and more? ***

To see your risk of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) in your home click here for a free home test and self assessment tool. My health has improved significantly since I reduced my exposure to EMF and remediate did my living space!

Get a Free Home Test and use the Self-assessment Tool

to get a gage on how protected you are from the EMF in your living environment


Activates your own stem cells

Resets gene expression to a more youthful state

Accelerates the healing process

Non-transdermal patch

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Juvent delivers clinically validated solutions to improve musculoskeletal health. Our patented Micro-Impact Platform® has clinically demonstrated the ability to help users manage their osteoporosis and improve bone health non-invasively. Additionally, our technology helps users decrease joint pain and increase lymphatic drainage. Juvent’s Micro-Impact is an essential ingredient for total health and vitality; a Vitamin of Exercise™

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How can you know what's in your water? Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your bottled water? Water fill stations involve a lot of manual labor for it to be able to function in the way it was designed. Do you trust that the person servicing that machine is properly relacing filters when the it's time? How do you know if they are cutting corners for that extra bit of profit? Are you able to tell if the machine has been properly and regularly sanitized? Is your bottled water actually filtered, or has someone just filled it with regular old tap water? These questions should let you truly gage how in control of your water you are. Using a Berkey takes the guessing game out of the way and gives you full control of what goes into your body!

Zinc is an essential trace mineral important to many functions of human health. It plays a role in maintaining cellular metabolism and gene expression. Zinc is critical to a diverse group of physiological processes, such as immune function, insulin signaling, tissue repair, vision and neuro-transmission. It is second only to iron in worldwide incidence of deficiency, impacting 2 billion people in developing nations. Due to the wide range of functions regulated by zinc, deficiency, or even marginal deficiency, can have serious health implications.

Zinc is fundamental to the activity of over 100 enzymes and supports immune function, protein synthesis, tissue growth, DNA synthesis and cell division. During pregnancy, infancy and childhood, the body needs zinc for proper growth and development. Zinc also helps tissue repair and is important for adequate functioning of the senses of taste and smell. Daily intake of zinc is necessary to maintain adequate levels within the body because the body has no specialized zinc storage system.

Read the full write up from Dr. Madej, about the benefits of zinc here


Detoxadine is a premium, deep earth-sourced nascent iodine supplement from Global Healing. Each iodine drop contains 650 micrograms of iodine to promote the normal iodine levels necessary to support the thyroid, encourage normal hormone balance and promote detoxification. Suggested Use: Take 3 drops by mouth, immediately follow with purified water and swallow. Use once daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Supercharged C60

10x More Powerful than C60 
Micro-Activated Carbon

This is very potent and does not need to be taken every day

Supercharged C60 is an advanced form of micro-activated, multi-layered, and highly organized Carbon 60 and is thought to be one of the most potent antioxidants used for years to support detoxification, enhance the body's defense against the harmful effects of aging, and promote a healthy immune system. Global Healings Supercharged C60 is manufactured with a solvent-free, electrical process, so it has a purity level of over 99.9 percent. Our Supercharged C60 is a vegan, non-GMO antioxidant that can support your body at the cellular level and protect cells against oxidative stress. It will provide an advanced form of C60 that supports whole-body wellness, energy levels, healthy aging, and the immune system.


Naturally detox your liver with the best liver cleanse program by Dr. Edward Group. This 6 day cleanse is a safe, yet powerful start to full-body detoxification. Livatrex, our vegan-friendly liver detox supplement, is a premium liver and gallbladder support product made from effective herbal ingredients. The program also includes Turmeric, a strong antioxidant that stimulates and protects the liver. The final ingredient in the program is Oxy-Powder, a powerful oxygen-based colon cleanser designed to gently detoxify the entire digestive tract. For the best liver cleanse order our liver cleanse kit today.


The complete Kidney Cleanse Kit from Global Healing is a comprehensive approach to cleansing your kidneys and rejuvenating your system. The kit contains Renaltrex, our potent kidney detox and support supplement, Oxy-Powder, a powerful oxygen-based colon cleanser designed to gently detoxify the entire digestive tract, and Latero-Flora, a powerful probiotic supplement that features the Brevibacillus laterosporus strain. In addition to these highly-effective supplements, you will also follow a healthy diet during the 4-day duration of the cleanse. If you want to learn more about what to expect from our Kidney Cleanse kit, check out our online reviews.


An enhanced blend of potent, natural herbs, Plant-Based Kidney Health contains antioxidants and other nutrients that cleanse the kidneys and encourage normal kidney function. Our Raw Herbal Extract is formulated to detoxify the kidneys of deposits and toxins.


Zeolite Detox Pack

30-day supply | 1 Pure Body (20mL) & 1 Pure Body Extra (60mL)

  • DIGESTIVE + CELLULAR DETOX: Pure Body zeolite and Pure Body Extra nanosized zeolite work together to cleanse your whole body of toxins, heavy metals and pollutants.

  • SCRUBS TOXINS FROM BODY AND MIND: Advanced nanotechnology zeolite cleanses the body so you can experience clearer thinking, less brain fog, and restful sleep.

  • FAST, EFFECTIVE DETOX: Our unique activated hydrated zeolite is optimized to start trapping heavy metals and toxins within minutes for fast results.

  • EASY TO USE FOR EVERYONE: Simply use the drops and spray three times a day for a continuous 24-hour detox to benefit natural immunity and sustained energy.

  • ALL-NATURAL, WHOLE-BODY DETOX: Our 100% natural liquid zeolite is purified in a cGMP facility, and provides a digestive and cellular detox for whole-body health.

High-Quality Sauna

Having a high-quality sauna in your home is worth it. But, you can easily waste countless hours and still not know which sauna you should choose. It gets so confusing! Unless you know what to look for...