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Common Law Resources

Christo is the founder of Americans in Action and co-founder of Constitutional Counties United. He is an entrepreneur and has had several successful businesses throughout his career. He is CEO of Hartman Entertainment, a management firm guiding the careers of producers, directors, writers, actors, showrunners and singers. Along with his amazing team of counselors, Christo produces and books Awaken the People events like Love of Liberty, and Free and the Brave. He works with sheriffs, senators, commissioners and activists to educate and remind all to use constitutional remedies to stand as a free living man/woman in common law. He is requested to speak and present at various functions throughout the nation to support our cause of freedom and choice for all! Contact us to book this inspiring speaker at your next event.

Resources for the following

Common law, God's Law, man's law

Oak Brook College of Law & Government Policy®

an online Christian Law School,
Distance learning

Institute in Basic Life Principles®

headquartered in
Oak Brook, Illinois


organization, American history, original documents, founders, framers, educational materials incl. homeschooling resources, Wallbuilders' head, David Barton, is an American historian and attorney in Texas.

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