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Healing Modalities

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

August 16, 2022 Actual transcript from the live meeting

so one thing I want to, to remind everybody, and please look on the webpage. If you forget with the detox protocols, a few things that people should always have in their house. Um, one of them is baking soda. Like the Armand hammer baking soda that you can drink, or the original ELCA cells, not cold and flu, but the original ELCA ulcers, either one, the reason is it has, um, sodium by carbonate, which makes you more alkaline.

Okay. So when you're more alkaline, um, nutrients can go, uh, they start to flow better in the body actually. It's a way of, uh, increasing the, um, energy in the body. Believe it or not because, uh, alkalinity actually increases voltage because it increases pH. It's kind of a funny thing to think about, but that's exactly what it does.

It cures heartburn in many people, it's the greatest allergy medicine. You can imagine it decreases inflammation and improves kidney function, um, helps the body detox. So many, many things. It actually prevents people from getting colds and flus. If you take it on a regular basis. So I highly recommend that putting it in bath water.

Um, when you take it about a teaspoon, one half to one teaspoon, putting it in a bath water, two cups of baking. So of two cups of Epson salt soaking for 20 minutes actually pulls radiation outta your. It's pretty awesome. It's great for, um, pulling out pesticides and different toxins like that. And of course great on your skin and even little children can take baths in this.

So it's very, very safe. I highly recommend that because our skin is the same as ingesting something. Whatever you put on your skin is the same as swallowing. It. That's why you have to be per, uh, really careful what you put on here. So just to remind people, when we're growing as embryos inside the mother, our mother's room, the stomach comes up out through the mouth and forms their skin.

So it's one organ. That's why the stomach in the skin are one. So I can look at someone's skin or their nails or a tongue. And I can tell what's happening inside their stomach because it's the same organ. Really. That's why you should always remember be careful what you put on your skin as, as though you're swallowing it.

But on the flip side, that means what we're putting in her skin. I. It's like taking ingesting it. So that goes into, um, some of the healing oils that Gordon has. Right. So when we're putting things on our skin, it's like, we're ingesting it. So we'll have him talk about that again, too. Um, on top of that, the, uh, the caster oil, a good caster oil, everybody should have that in their homes.

I like a brand it's many different, good brands, but I can tell you one that I buy it's called bar B a a That is a webpage. I really love their quality of caster oil. Um, I use it topically, of course my grandmother used to give it to me when I was a kid. Whenever I was six, I learned to lie to her.

got a ticket on my mouth. Right? Of course it cleans you out. Now I understand why, because toxins make you. Get sick. Right? So I guess this was a way of detoxing the body. I don't take it by mouth because I don't like those memories that I had from a childhood, but on my skin. Amazing. So a little, uh, little tidbit you take Castro, you take the baking so that I'm talking about, you make it into more of a paste, kinda a consistency, and it keeps in a little jar for a long, long time.

Put it on any, uh, skin area that you want. It is no, if you do do that two, three times a day, even in a couple weeks, many early skin cancers, slough off. If you get them early enough, they'll just leave on their own. Okay. Another little tidbit. There's something online called B, B as in boy, E E as in Edward, C, C as in cat five, B E C five.

That also is something topical. You can put on early skin cancers. They can slough off and go away. Right. They've had research that proves this, but I love the caster PA uh, caster and the baking sort of paste, even like, uh, rough spots on your skin will slough off. If you're really, um, persistent and consistent with it, dark spots will come off of your skin.

You know, women, like they will be like those kinds of things, right? Maybe men, not so much that don't care. But, um, another use for this, you put it on a wart, especially children. You don't like to take them to laser off warts that usually don't work or cut 'em out, but you put that, uh, baking soda and Castero paste on the wart.

Then you have to cover a duct tape. You reapply daily, and then usually takes about two weeks. And then the ward is gone. It falls off all by itself. You do have to put duct tape on it because you have to seal it off from oxygen. So here's two things everybody should have in their home all the time, baking soda.

So Armand, Hammer's fine. If you look it up online, they're gonna tell you, oh, it's dangerous. It has. I think what they tell you like aluminum minute does not. No, it does not. That's baking powder baking soda. So the orange box that you can use for baking is safer ingestion. You can use that. And that's really good.

Like I said, you can take one or one half to one teaspoon a day for all kinds of issues internally, but also you can make that into a pace with a Castro well and apply it topically with different things. I highly recommend that it saved a lot of people, crazy surgeries on their skin when, um, they just had to use some of that path Castro and baking soda paste.

If you get a sting, a little, uh, bee sting, and you're not sure if the stinger still in put that paste on it, it'll draw it out for you. You can also. Go into a bathtub with the baking soda. andSo salts it'll draw out the stinger if you're not sure. So these are some ways you can handle those, um, on your.

The Elgas ultra, since it has, uh, baking soda inside of it with some, uh, vitamin C and some aspirin. So I love carrying those with me everywhere. Um, lots of people have needed 'em let's say they have a headache. They have a stomach ache. Um, they've had allergies, allergic reaction, right. That's helped. And usually in 15 minutes it works easy to carry with you.

I like that. I've used it on the plane. Um, all kinds of reasons you, you can use that for, so there that's really good. So baking soda, the original formula, ELCA S's original formula, and then also having a good caster oil in the house. The other reason, uh, you would use caster oil is something called a caster oil pack.

If you go on the B a a, they will talk about caster oil packs. So anybody can use this even a kid, no matter how ill you are, you soak a cotton or wool cloth of the castor oil. You put it on, usually your stomach, um, the covers your liver, cover it with another thin cloth, then heating pad for an hour.

Um, it's great for dissolving adhesions. It can actually shrink fibroids. Um, it's going to detox and lymphatics of the body. It's good for, uh, just detoxing in general. If you put it on an injury, an older new injury could be your knee, your elbow, et cetera. Overnight, just put an ease wrap around it. Usually by the next morning, it's better already.

So these are easy ways to deal with injuries with toxins when even if somebody's frail. Um, so the instructions for that will be on that website called B a So those are some things that I think everybody should have in their home all the time that you can treat a lot of things on your own. Okay.

And, um, I'm, if Gordon is on here, is Gordon on here? Hello, and Carrie. Yes. God bless you. Good to see you. Good to see you. Um, can you give people, um, a recap of your oils please? Sure, sure. Um, and, but first of all, I wanna thank you for sharing this homeopathic knowledge that's been passed on from generations, always from, even from Abraham and from no one all the way from Adam.

This is the knowledge that God wants us to have. And it's very easy to discover. And, you know, if we look in our family history, we can learn a lot of remedies that our, our ancestors used to use. And then God talks about, look for the old past, you know, Take the stones outta the way, look for the old waves.

Right? So, um, yeah, a little recap, uh, oil, you know, like, and I didn't know, Carrie, thank for sharing. I did not know that the stomach grew up and created the skin. Oh my gosh. You know, yeah. So that's something I learn every day, so it's wonderful. But yes, um, you know, oil, your, your skin is the largest organ of your body.

And in one of the major organs, out of the five and everything, that's oil based or pretty much almost everything that touches it is absorbed through. So when we're buying all the creams and lotions and stuff, it's all the extra ingredients they put on there besides the oil and the stuff that's good for you that is actually poisoning our body and causing our liver to be detoxified as well as our skin cells and everything else you can imagine.

We keep applying poisons either we're taking it, I ingesting it or through our skin. Same thing, really, if you think about it. So we gotta stop that and using just natural remedies, olive of oil, coconut oil, avocado oil cast oil, which is my dad told me about a long time ago for clean out your insides. You know, I live at a farm in Oregon, so is wonderful.

But the healing oil that I do make, um, is actually just Frank and sense, and me infuses. I don't mean just because it's very powerful. Uh, and it's a wonderful miracle, you know, it's available to us. Uh, it's a, it's it is revealed for these times because in reality, we need strong medicine against strong lies.

So while it's, it's good for just about everything you think of, because it's a super anti-inflammatory, uh, when you combine Frank and sense and me together, uh, when you burn them and they create a super anti-inflammatory compound that we then trap that smoke in the oil and it becomes a super anti-inflammatory, it goes right through your skin.

And so you're, you can deliver nutrients of all kinds through your skin. And I recommend that people do keep these things, like you said, baking sodas, what the doctors used to carry and they're little medic bag, right? So do you buy carbonate? Right? Mm-hmm as well as other things. Um, and you know, we don't need these things that, you know, they tell us, we need, these are all, you know, a different knowledge called sory and we can just learn that the word itself means poisoning.

So, um, then we just understand that everything that's tied to, that it really is not good for us. Um, the, uh, the oils themselves, though, uh, last two weeks ago, you introduced me and I thank you for, uh, that was the first time I've done a program where I've explained the oils to people, and we've had a wonderful success, uh, raising money for your program and for helping you through this time.

So I wanted to make that announcement if that's okay. Um, that we've raised almost $1,400 in two weeks for, for, to help support you through this time you need. So thank you, Jesus. And. Everybody who did go do and, uh, get the products and support you. Um, and we do have a couple specials on it. Uh, if you buy two, you get one free, there's a couple discount codes that Carrie has on the webpage on her webpage.

And if you click on that link, we make sure you get those discount codes and that way she gets credit for it as well. And we're not doing it for, for money or profit. We're just gonna get to get the healing out there because everyone who has good medicine with them, and it doesn't matter if it's olive oil and you can anoint somebody, or if it's, you know, some home remedy that you made.

And if you're trying to help people, this is wonderful, good Samaritan work that can bring people back towards the truth. You know, that we can all do wherever we are. Right. When you see you see someone sick, we can offer some kind of help that the spirit offers us to do it. Whether it's a home remedy, mom, hat, putting onions in your socks, you know, for cold and flu.

I've heard of that one, many times, never done it myself. um, But, uh, the other thing is, uh, I would also encourage people to share that link in the video of, uh, Dr. Midday's testimony of how the oils helped her. Um, because we've got a lot of response and we've got a lot of people, we've got a lot of positive feedback and, and, uh, testimonials.

And so, uh, a lot of the listeners, uh, of your program are obviously the ones that have those. So I would also encourage them if they have any testimonies, they wanna share that they raise your hand and maybe at the end of the program, you can call and people to share testimonials because that's how we really learn, you know?

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. The skin's pretty important. Yeah. For healing the body just, and you don't have to ingest things like we thought we had to before, like the castor, for instance, it can be topical. It doesn't have to be ingested. So again, it's pretty strong potency if you ingest it orally, but you don't have to do that.

Um right. But for dealing gut issues is a good thing to do it actually. It's probably your first life. You can do that. And then, um, You just to know about castor oil it's from, um, the Palm Palmer Christos plant, the Palm of Christ, one of the, one of the names that they call it and they've used it even in Egyptian times with pharaohs and back then only royalty could use it because it was so special.

Um, for the only thing that we do know of it in modern times is that it can incite, induce any enzymatic action in the body, nothing else in this world, whether it's synthetic or natural that we know of can do the same thing. It's pretty special. So, um, we don't understand all the mechanisms of how it works.

It's. It does work and it's safe, applied topically. So if you're worried about, you know, how much do you take if you apply it topically, it's not a big deal. I like to add, uh, Gordon's oil, the strongest, uh, concentration he has with a caster oil and, um, rubbing it together and then applying it. I put that on my leg and that's very soothing, um, that decreases inflammation in it.

Um, and also with my, I don't know if anybody, I had a horrible black eye, I just put it on straight. I had a little bit of Castro with that. That was amazing. In two weeks that black eye was gone and it was a pretty bad one. Um, my burns healed really fast too, as well with that. So those are the things that I've used the, the oil with.

Okay. My man, thank you for testimonial by the way, cuz it does help us. We gotta leave in something to use it, you know, and God does have some wonderful things out there. Of course. So even the testimonial about this. ALCA seltzer and you know, Sony by carbonate. It helps people a lot too. So I've helped people on the airplane, too many, not too many, many times with the ELCA seltzers.

They. Even a woman started to get an alactic reaction. I'm talking about an, the angio edema on her lips, which is not good. Right. I gave her, this is anecdotal. Don't try things at home. Okay. But I did give her, um, I had to give her three of those packs of the original El seltzers and was able to calm it down until we got to the airport.

Um, and of course praying over as well. But the seltzers have that sodium bicarbonate, which helps reduce the inflammatory cytokines and, and reduce that, um, the inflammation. That's one of the reasons we get these allergic reactions. So just remember if you're not sure what you do, if you happen to have a baking soda around, try that.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go to the emergency room. I'm not telling you that. I'm just saying it's something to try while you're getting emergency attention. Okay. Um, And real quick, um, just to let you know that the, the oil, the curric oil actually does the same thing. Even I've had people with seafood over of reactions and they know they have shes and they eat it and their throat's all swelling up, I think.

And it actually helps, uh, alleviate all the symptoms with the symptoms. So, yeah, just, you know, it does work on that. That's one of the things that's a super anti-inflammatory. Kind of all purpose on that, but yeah, if you don't have that around shutting by carbonate, anything works, prayer works best. And, um, taking a probiotic a good one every day helps reduce the, um, your susceptibility to having allergic reactions, whether it's a food allergy, et cetera, and you have to take at least couple, couple months, I liked the ones cultural and align because they have hundreds of research studies on them.

They've been studied a lot. Also, if you keep them out in the heat or, you know, extreme temperatures they're made to withstand extreme temperatures, they're still viable. That's important to know both of them have two different kinds of strains. So, uh, the cultural I believe is more for, so going back to probiotics, they help regulate our immune system, but they also help to induce different, um, neuropeptides and hormones.

So serotonin, dopamine, et cetera, are regulated in the digestive tract. That's pretty. Impressive. Isn't it because our stomach is so important. It really is like our second brain. So dysregulation of probiotics, which just about everybody has now, whose stomach is truly healthy is one of the main reasons people get these weird mood fluctuations that are not sure why are they're getting them or even hyperactivity, all kinds of things like this, because they're getting dysregulation of these neuropeptides of these hormones.

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