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July Newsletter 2023

Dearest Tribe Members, I had a wonderful, Spirit filled journey in the United Kingdom in June. I was invited to speak at a conference where many likeminded individuals gathered to share information and discuss how we could make a new system of health and wellbeing. I was honored to be with many brilliant minds; however, something was missing. We talked about tangible solutions, as well as the power of our minds. The spiritual aspect was covered; however, it came from the idea that all we need is within us. As I was observing these talks, I agreed with the idea that we do not need extreme new technologies or a new president or move to a new land to create a new paradigm. We all can do something today that impacts change. But we do need the only true living God, our Creator. Several people commented to me on their feelings of helplessness, fear, and doubt in overcoming the odds of this Babylonian world. I told them I felt the same way, if we try to do this alone. Many of the attendees were perplexed at my optimism and joy. They found it refreshing but puzzling. I explained that I was not alone, and that I have learned to keep my eyes on Him through the chaos and storms of the world. I find the scriptures as the only source of Truth and use the words as an instruction manual for navigating these waters. I believe in miracles and the supernatural realm. I know that we do not walk alone, and that we choose which kingdom we walk in. I believe in the promises Adonai/Our Lord has given to his faithful, and God’s word always returns fulfilled.

As my trip took me to London where I experienced wonderful joy, acknowledging many divine appointments along the way. Beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ came together and we sung the praises of our Lord. The two weeks I spent there blessed us with daily sun and a plethora of gorgeous vintage roses sharing their heavenly scent. The Ruach HaKodesch/Holy Spirit was raining down many places, and the feeling was unlike anything many had experienced before.

2 Corinthians 3:17 ESV “Now the Lord[a] is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” We all felt a change not only in the atmosphere, but in ourselves as the Holy Spirit took over. I saw how the feelings of hopelessness were replaced with an anticipation for the future, and a passion to be a part of it. What a blessing to be a witness to this event! So Beloved in Christ, never lose hope, and do not be afraid. For the Lord Your God is with you. Read the scriptures daily, spend time in nature and gather with Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We must always check ourselves for the fruits of the Spirit💜 Galatians 5:22-23. CJB “ But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, self control. Nothing in the Torah(law) stands against such things.” With many blessings and shalom, Carrie Madej

  • 6/6/2023 James Patrick Director of Planet Lockdown

  • 6/13/2023 David Schmidt, CEO Of LifeWave

  • 6/20/2023 Isabella Macleod

  • 6/27/2023 Tribe Talk recaps with Carrie Madej

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