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June Newsletter 2023

Dearest Tribe Members-

Last week, I was digging in the dirt with my bare hands, removing weeds and planting seeds and seedlings. Gardening helps me focus on the present moment, and I forget the chaotic world. I am grounding with my bare feet in the soil and grass, and I enjoy the sun on my skin. The birds are chirping happily, and a few butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises.

I am checking on the plants as they grow, noting if they need a change in their nutrients or environment. This year I am planting seeds from some healing herbs like artemisia, calendula, Benedictus, evening primrose, and mugwort. It will be interesting to see what decides to grow.

I have a Garden Tower that has already produced lettuce, French radishes, arugula, and spinach. I am waiting for carrots, tomatoes , potatoes, and broccoli to mature.

This year my friends and family introduced me to electro gardening. This technique uses copper wire coiled around wooden stakes to increase nutrient absorption and is thought to harvest the earth's atmospheric energy. I have to say it does appear to help; a dead fig tree began to grow new shoots within a week of using the copper wire.

With electrogardening plants are healthier and more disease resistant. I encourage anyone who has tried this technique to share your stories with us! For anyone wanting to learn more about this, please click on the link below.

I have to say that it feels good to be a caretaker of this little garden, and the produce has been delicious and healthy. I enjoy watching the flowers and vegetables grow, and seeing the fruits of my labor.

It reminds me how the book of Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve were given the duties of being stewards of the Earth, and then Noah and his family after the flood. I think we forget this responsibility is automatically bestowed upon us!

But… caretakers of the whole Earth? What a daunting task! How does someone start this journey?

I always look at the Bible for inspiration, and I think of the moment Noah’s family stepped off the ark. I imagine Noah and his wife started replenishing the Earth by planting one seed at a time in their own backyard.

They started with just one seed at a time, and now look at our beautiful world! Sowing our gardens with care and loving kindness has ripple effects in profound ways. Have you planted any seeds this year?

The seeds you plant can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. Some examples include:

  • Growing your food

  • Buying from local farmer’s markets and local cattle ranchers

  • Praying for and with someone

  • Sharing the scriptures and message of salvation

  • Sharing your musical talents

  • Teaching someone to cook, sew, build, fix etc

  • Acknowledging the beauty or good in someone

  • Teaching a child (look up Dr Emoto’s Rice experiment on YouTube; this is a great project to do with children)

In other words, all of us can start being stewards of Earth. If we do not like what state this world is in, then we need to start living the way it should be. Each of our actions, even small, make incredible changes.

I believe a tiny seed planted with loving kindness can move mountains, and with great love there are great miracles.

With shalom and many blessings,

Carrie Madej

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