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November Newsletter 2023

Dearest Tribe Members,

The miracle of water

Do you know that approximately 70% of the world is covered in water and that 70% of our bodies are also comprised of water? It is the foundation for life. It is also a beautiful mystery.

When we study water scientifically, it perplexes us. For instance, water freezes when it shouldn’t and boils when it shouldn’t, when compared to other substances on earth. When it freezes it expands instead of contracting. Most curious is its ability to form an innumerable number of

different crystalline structures. Other compounds on earth repeatedly make the same structure when observed under a microscope. But not water. It is affected by the environment, sound, light, and movement. And it is affected by you and me.

Dr Masuru Emoto found that water changes its crystalline pattern with written and spoken words. He also proved that prayer and intention changed the structure of water. Just look at some of the images produced with different words and prayer.

I am amazed every time I see these images.

Do you realize that each one of us creates different structures in the water of our bodies, in the water in all life around us, and in those we put our focus on? Wow…We are literally co-creators with God!

And when the structure changes, the function changes. This means the beautiful words, thoughts and prayers actually create healthier life. I have these images saved on my phone so I can look at them many times a week. It is a lovely reminder of the power given to us by Our Father in Heaven.

I encourage you to delve into the multitude of teachings on water. It cleanses, heals, grows, creates, and destroys. It obeys the will of the true living God. It holds memory and reacts to us.

I imagine how different our world will be when more of us take accountability for our words and thoughts? May we choose words that align with the fruits of the Spirit, say grace before eating and drinking, and be mindful of the words and thoughts that enter our homes.

With many blessings and shalom,

Carrie Madej

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