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Exemption Letters

For the Vaccine

Dr. Madej does not write letters for medical exemptions

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Religious Exemption

This letter is to serve as notification that I would like to exercise my right to a Religious waiver from the Covid-19 (SARS Cov-2) vaccination, because I find vaccination to be in extreme violation of my personal Religious beliefs.


The following are ways in which these violations manifest themselves in the vaccinations recommended by the Center for Disease Control and this Institution of higher learning.

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How to get a Religious Exemption for college, employer or medical setting

Make your request in writing to the highest authority and find out who that is. Ask if there is a special form, they have that they want you to use. Take care of any objections in advance. ONLY answer their questions in writing.


Do NOT agree to a personal meeting or Zoom meeting or phone call to discuss your exemption. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Do NOT bring in any information related to the science. State exactly what accommodation you are seeking. Your religious exemption ALSO applies to wearing masks and getting tested.

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